[MlMt] Save Attachments… – Exclude smallest files

Zvi Biener zvistrash at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 16:50:30 EST 2023

I’m sure you know this, so apologies, but hazel can also dig into a 
folder hierarchy. So as long as the the various customer folders are 
under a single ‘top’ folder, you might be able to come up with 
sufficiently stringent criteria not to weed out other small files…

On 25 Feb 2023, at 11:22, Thomas Eckhold wrote:

> Thank you for your suggestion, Zvi! Hazel is one of my favourite apps 
> since at least 15 years. However, typically, I need to select 
> different folders (customer folders) to save the attachments. Often I 
> create new subfolders during the saving process. Will think about to 
> save to a „cleaning folder“ (or to setup each new customer folder) 
> first and move the files from there to the correct location, if it is 
> too difficult in MailMate to achieve the desired result.
> Thomas
> On 25 Feb 2023, at 17:07, Zvi Biener wrote:
>> A suggestion for a workaround: If you always save these files to the 
>> same folder (or subfolders of the same folder), you can create a 
>> workaround by using Hazel, which will watch folders for files that 
>> meet whatever conditions you specify. MM can save all attachments, 
>> and then Hazel will remove files smaller than x (or whatever 
>> condition you like). (You can create this using other methods too, 
>> but Hazel is very easy, robust, and flexible).
>> Zvi
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