[MlMt] Save Attachments… – Exclude smallest files

Thomas Eckhold Thomas at Eckhold.eu
Sat Feb 25 11:22:40 EST 2023

Thank you for your suggestion, Zvi! Hazel is one of my favourite apps since at least 15 years. However, typically, I need to select different folders (customer folders) to save the attachments. Often I create new subfolders during the saving process. Will think about to save to a „cleaning folder“ (or to setup each new customer folder) first and move the files from there to the correct location, if it is too difficult in MailMate to achieve the desired result.


On 25 Feb 2023, at 17:07, Zvi Biener wrote:

> A suggestion for a workaround: If you always save these files to the same folder (or subfolders of the same folder), you can create a workaround by using Hazel, which will watch folders for files that meet whatever conditions you specify. MM can save all attachments, and then Hazel will remove files smaller than x (or whatever condition you like). (You can create this using other methods too, but Hazel is very easy, robust, and flexible).
> Zvi

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