[MlMt] note or subject modification

Randall Gellens mailmate at randy.pensive.org
Sun Feb 5 14:51:20 EST 2023

On 5 Feb 2023, at 11:42, Benny Kjær Nielsen wrote:

> On 5 Feb 2023, at 20:33, John Doherty via mailmate wrote:
>> Yup, I never even noticed before that this option existed and can't 
>> really think of why I would want to do it. But different strokes, 
>> etc. Maybe someone has a reason that I haven't thought of.
> I believe the typical use case is something like this: Whenever 
> receiving an email with a non-descriptive subject header such as 
> “Help” or “Bug” (it happens a lot) then the recipient might 
> want to rewrite the subject to something which makes it easier to 
> identify later on. This was more easily done in the POP3 days since it 
> would only affect local storage. With IMAP, the change needs to be 
> synchronized with the server.

As I mentioned in the previous discussion of a feature to modify 
received messages, there are multiple situations where the ability to 
modify a received message is needed. Mac Eudora had an advanced setting 
that enabled an "Edit" command that allowed modifying any part of a 
received message. I found this extremely helpful, especially when a 
message was sent to me using a non-preferred address; I could edit the 
"To" header field and change it to the preferred address, so that when I 
replied the reply would be from the preferred address (I could have 
edited the reply to be from the right address, but that is too easy to 
forget). There's also the case Benny mentioned, of adding helpful detail 
to a Subject. Another case is adding notes to the body, such as notes 
from a phone call or such. This last use case could also be met by 
allowing adding a custom header field, such as "Notes: " (or even 
"Post-receipt-notes: " if you want to make it obvious).

Benny, please consider expanding this feature to be able to edit any 
header field or the body. At minimum, just add the ability to edit the 
address header fields as well as the subject would be really helpful.


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