[MlMt] note or subject modification

John Doherty jld at jld3.net
Sun Feb 5 15:27:23 EST 2023

On Sun 2023-02-05 12:42 PM MST -0700, <mailinglist at freron.com> wrote:

> Yup, I never even noticed before that this option existed and can't 
> really think of why I would want to do it. But different strokes, etc. 
> Maybe someone has a reason that I haven't thought of.
> I believe the typical use case is something like this: Whenever 
> receiving an email with a non-descriptive subject header such as 
> “Help” or “Bug” (it happens a lot) then the recipient might 
> want to rewrite the subject to something which makes it easier to 
> identify later on.

Having now thought a little more, I have one long-term and pretty 
regular correspondent who nearly always uses terrible subjects (e.g., 
"question") and has other sort of horrible email habits, like responding 
to existing threads with new messages with new subjects.

I might try this feature after all but would have to experiment some. I 
wonder how things would work out if the chain of messages goes like 
this, where B is me:

A: Subject: question
B: change subject to something helpful, reply
A: replies, does not change subject
B: replies, does not change subject
A: "replies" but really sends a new message with some other unhelpful 
B: change subject back to same as second message, reply
A: replies, does not change subject

And so on. Might be more trouble than it's worth, but this is a 
correspondent whose messages I sometimes want to find and refer to much 
later, like months or more. That's when the bad email habits are even 
worse than in the moment. Stuff can be pretty hard to find.

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