[MlMt] Message in GMail web interface not appearing in mailmate

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 23:04:52 EDT 2022

On 11 Aug 2022, at 22:26, Dibson T Hoffweiler wrote:

> Hi Henry, thanks for the response.  My response inline below.
> On 11 Aug 2022, at 18:06, Henry Seiden wrote:
>> If you say you found the item in Gmail, then where was it, in a 
>> mailbox other than standard ones, perhaps? Could it simply be in a 
>> place that’s not (allowed to be) accessible to MM? You haven’t 
>> given me much to go on.
> Great question.  Emails in Gmail (web interface) with the label 
> “[Gmail]/Archive” also appear in Mailmate.  Emails without the 
> label don’t appear in Mailmate.
> I believe Mailmate assigns that label.  My guess is that I archived 
> those emails myself in the Gmail mobile app, which put them somewhere 
> Mailmate can’t access (perhaps Gmail’s mysterious-to-me “All 
> Mail”).

Hmm, I doubt MM would have done assigned that (or any) label.  I've been 
using MM with gmail for years, and I don't have any "Archive" label.

I suspect your issue has more to do with the subscription settings 
you're having trouble loading.

>> Did you look in IMAP Preferences settings or Edit Subscriptions 
>> (File>Edit IMAP Settings>Edit Subscriptions), any of those unchecked 
>> mailboxes?
> When I open it, I see the ‘Subscriptions for 
> “[myemail]@gmail.com”’ dialogue, but the list never populates - 
> the loading spinner doesn’t stop, even after several minutes.  The 
> dialogue does load for this (non-Gmail) email account.  Can other’s 
> load the subscriptions for their Gmail accounts?

Yes, and it takes only a second or two for mine to load.  I do have the 
"ignore server subscription state for private namespaces" option 
selected in the subscription pane.

I suspect your problem is related to this inability to load or control 
your gmail subscriptions.  Some general things to try:

- Wait longer for the subscription list to load.  Walk away for 1/2 hour 
or so and come back and check.
- Check your "IMAP access" settings in the gmail web interface.  Make 
sure IMAP access is enabled.  Sounds silly, but who knows?
- Completely remove and re-add your gmail account in MM.

I suspect that once you get the subscription list to load, you'll be 
able to control exactly what MM shows.  FWIW, I subscribe to all the 
mailboxes listed, except the "[Gmail]/All Mail" one.

>> Can’t say that I’ve had that issue with Gmail accounts and I do 
>> have a couple. So that’s what to check first. Working backward from 
>> where it is, surely you find it… It’s always the last place you 
>> look;)) Not trying to be flip, but I have seen this before in problem 
>> solving.
> This was very helpful.  My workaround for the time being will be to 
> not archive messages outside of Mailmate.
> If anyone has insight into the folder subscriptions not loading, or 
> other solutions for this, I’d appreciate it.  I’m tech savvy but 
> the nuance of IMAP has always been a little unwieldy for me.

I can relate!  There's IMAP, and there's gmail's version of IMAP, which 
has its own level of "nuance".  Mapping gmail's labels to IMAP mailboxes 
is just not a perfect fit.

Good luck!


> Regards,
> Dibson
> ps: I first had this issues with version - 1.13.2r5673.  I’ve now 
> upgraded to 1.14 (5908).
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