[MlMt] Message in GMail web interface not appearing in mailmate

Dibson T Hoffweiler dibson at hoffweiler.com
Thu Aug 11 22:26:51 EDT 2022

Hi Henry, thanks for the response.  My response inline below.

On 11 Aug 2022, at 18:06, Henry Seiden wrote:

> If you say you found the item in Gmail, then where was it, in a mailbox other than standard ones, perhaps? Could it simply be in a place that’s not (allowed to be) accessible to MM? You haven’t given me much to go on.

Great question.  Emails in Gmail (web interface) with the label “[Gmail]/Archive” also appear in Mailmate.  Emails without the label don’t appear in Mailmate.

I believe Mailmate assigns that label.  My guess is that I archived those emails myself in the Gmail mobile app, which put them somewhere Mailmate can’t access (perhaps Gmail’s mysterious-to-me “All Mail”).

> Did you look in IMAP Preferences settings or Edit Subscriptions (File>Edit IMAP Settings>Edit Subscriptions), any of those unchecked mailboxes?

When I open it, I see the ‘Subscriptions for “[myemail]@gmail.com”’ dialogue, but the list never populates - the loading spinner doesn’t stop, even after several minutes.  The dialogue does load for this (non-Gmail) email account.  Can other’s load the subscriptions for their Gmail accounts?

> Can’t say that I’ve had that issue with Gmail accounts and I do have a couple. So that’s what to check first. Working backward from where it is, surely you find it… It’s always the last place you look;)) Not trying to be flip, but I have seen this before in problem solving.

This was very helpful.  My workaround for the time being will be to not archive messages outside of Mailmate.

If anyone has insight into the folder subscriptions not loading, or other solutions for this, I’d appreciate it.  I’m tech savvy but the nuance of IMAP has always been a little unwieldy for me.


ps: I first had this issues with version - 1.13.2r5673.  I’ve now upgraded to 1.14 (5908).

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