[MlMt] Message in GMail web interface not appearing in mailmate

Dibson T Hoffweiler dibson at hoffweiler.com
Fri Aug 12 00:03:50 EDT 2022

On 11 Aug 2022, at 20:04, Eric Sharakan wrote:

>> I believe Mailmate assigns that label.  My guess is that I archived those emails myself in the Gmail mobile app, which put them somewhere Mailmate can’t access (perhaps Gmail’s mysterious-to-me “All Mail”).
> Hmm, I doubt MM would have done assigned that (or any) label.  I've been using MM with gmail for years, and I don't have any "Archive" label.
> I suspect your issue has more to do with the subscription settings you're having trouble loading.

My guess was just that it moves messages to the “Archive” folder, which Gmail interprets as the “[Gmail]/Archive]” label.  But I don’t really know.

> I suspect your problem is related to this inability to load or control your gmail subscriptions.  Some general things to try:
> - Wait longer for the subscription list to load.  Walk away for 1/2 hour or so and come back and check.
> - Check your "IMAP access" settings in the gmail web interface.  Make sure IMAP access is enabled.  Sounds silly, but who knows?
> - Completely remove and re-add your gmail account in MM.
> I suspect that once you get the subscription list to load, you'll be able to control exactly what MM shows.  FWIW, I subscribe to all the mailboxes listed, except the "[Gmail]/All Mail" one.

Thanks for the suggestions: this time around it did load.  I added the “All Mail” “Important” and “Starred” subscriptions, which got the missing messages in, but then added some messages in duplicate (Starred) and triplicate (Starred and Important).  So I removed the gmail source, and added it back.  Same initial problem.  This time I just subscribed to “All Mail” and now it all looks good.

Thank you, Henry and Eric, for making my first post such a friendly and helpful experience!

Dibson T Hoffweiler

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