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Mon Jan 18 10:46:38 EST 2021

On 18 Jan 2021, at 16:28, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:

> I have now bought a MailMate license and I have become a patron (at 
> the lowest level for now), but there are still unresolved problems.

In any case, thanks for the support!!

> There seem to be three options for getting support:
> • this mailing list
> • the issue tracker (https://tracker.mailmate-app.com/tickets)
> • direct feedback to mm-info at freron.com

That is correct.

> I’m unclear on which is for what. I suppose the mailing list is 
> basically community support. I have used the list with some success 
> (thanks!), but for a few of my issues there was no reply.

I'm very much behind on going through mailing list emails which were not 
replied by anyone else. Sorry about that.

> I would’ve assumed the issue tracker to be the main “proper” 
> support method, but I see there are 1,188 open tickets!

Yeah, I'm not proud of that either.

> That doesn’t instill a lot of
> confidence in me that tickets are actually looked at. That leaves 
> “direct feedback”, which I have been hesitant to use, because it 
> feels so intrusive.
> In your experience, should I use “direct feedback” for my 
> unanswered questions?

It's not intrusive when I don't react on the other channels. You could 
even say I deserve it. Users prefer different ways to communicate and 
therefore I don't enforce any strict rules, but it's natural that

* the mailing is for questions which other users are likely to be able 
to answer,
* the ticket system is for long term feature requests/issues in the 
current public release. (The user will be notified when the ticket is 
* direct email is for bug reports, in particular, in test releases and 
for anything which is not suitable for a public forum.

As a general rule of thumb, the worse I seem to be at answering 
emails/tickets the more likely I am to be working on MailMate itself. 
Right now, I'm working on ironing out some bugs caused by recent changes 
(cleanup) of the code. When that's finished, it's likely I expect to 
have a test release available for the M1 macs.

Finally, for your most pressing issues it's quite alright to write me 
directly to remind me about it. Again, I deserve it.

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