[MlMt] Mail archive tools - best searching

Fredrik Jonsson frjo at xdeb.org
Wed Aug 4 01:28:38 EDT 2021

Antonio Leding 2021-08-03 22:38 wrote:

> **The issue???** Simply put, MailMate is unstable - well, it is for me at least. Despite running various MailMate versions across different Macs & OS versions, MailMate still crashes at least 3-5 times per week.

Then something is different with our setups. I cannot remember the last time MailMate crashed.

Used MailMate since 2014 and have mostly used the latest test releases (hold down "alt" when checking for new version). Over the years there has been releases with some crashes, usually quickly fixed.

I'm now running the latest test release (5820) on an 2019 iMac  with macOS 11.5.1.


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