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Antonio Leding tech at leding.net
Tue Aug 3 16:38:59 EDT 2021

Hello MailMate community,

My inquiry today has to do with the search facilities of the various 
mail archiving tools out there.  Based on my reading of the mailer 
archives, the following tools seem to get a lot of mention:

* Devon
* EagleFiler
* Mail Steward
* Horcrux
* Mail Archiver X

**As baseline**, I truly love MailMate’s search facility.  I find it 
to be incredibly functional and an essential tool that enables me to 
easily find emails especially when I have very little search criteria.  
So MailMate’s search functionality is a minimum requirement for me.

**Next - my current setup**:  I have a locally installed Dovecot server 
that is dedicated to archives.  This works great and because it is 
accessible via MailMate, access & searching of archives is essentially 
the same as for “live” email.  And while I do love the consistency, 
it is not a “must-have” like the search functionality is.

**The issue???** Simply put, MailMate is unstable - well, it is for me 
at least. Despite running various MailMate versions across different 
Macs & OS versions, MailMate still crashes at least 3-5 times per week.

So, in an attempt to find a more stable scenario, I’ve decided to 
check with you all and solicit feedback regarding how well each of the 
above apps implements search facilities.  I’ve actually tried both 
Devon & EagleFiler and while Devon’s search seems to rival that of 
MailMate, I find EagleFiler’s search to be somewhat lacking.  Perhaps 
this is a user error issue and if so, then please feel free to educate 

So with that, I respectfully request any feedback you would like to 
share re: your mail archiver of choice and how well it provides search 

Thanks in advance…

— Tony —
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