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Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Wed Aug 4 03:11:26 EDT 2021

On 2021-08-04 04:38:59 (+0800), Antonio Leding wrote:
> My inquiry today has to do with the search facilities of the various 
> mail archiving tools out there.  Based on my reading of the mailer 
> archives, the following tools seem to get a lot of mention:
> * Devon
> * EagleFiler
> * Mail Steward
> * Horcrux
> * Mail Archiver X
> **As baseline**, I truly love MailMate’s search facility.  I find it 
> to be incredibly functional and an essential tool that enables me to 
> easily find emails especially when I have very little search criteria. 
>  So MailMate’s search functionality is a minimum requirement for me.
> **Next - my current setup**:  I have a locally installed Dovecot 
> server that is dedicated to archives.  This works great and because it 
> is accessible via MailMate, access & searching of archives is 
> essentially the same as for “live” email.  And while I do love the 
> consistency, it is not a “must-have” like the search functionality 
> is.
> **The issue???** Simply put, MailMate is unstable - well, it is for me 
> at least. Despite running various MailMate versions across different 
> Macs & OS versions, MailMate still crashes at least 3-5 times per 
> week.

It sounds like your current setup is working well for you and it will 
probably be easier to fix the instability you're experiencing with 
MailMate than to migrate to another solution.  In my experience, Benny 
is very responsive to crash reports, even from those of us on this 
mailing list who have way more email than MailMate was ever designed to 

Have you tried sending crash reports to Benny?  Since it crashes so 
often, at least the problem should be relatively easy to reproduce, 
which might make it easier to fix.


Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
Alternative Enterprises
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