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Tue Aug 3 11:47:49 EDT 2021

Similar experience with version 5819 (2012 mini with Big Sur). I have 3 displays on this mini: 2 computer monitors connected directly—HDMI & miniDP, and a TV via 3rd-party USB-HDMI adapter. 

Whenever I change mirroring config or unplug one of the display, macOS reshuffles windows and my current MailMate message (or next message I open) opens halfway down the screen and is sized to half-screen. The message viewer window is likewise located in a non-standard location (not where I last put it). Until recently, the MailMate windows would relocate to another screen but in their “normal” place (where I last placed them). Quite annoying.

This behavior change did not correspond with any system software updates (that I’m aware of), or MailMate update.

I had installed this USB-HDMI adapter several months ago and didn’t experience this MailMate behavior change until the past 2(?) weeks.


> All I can say I see similar issues on my Macbook that I connect / disconnect from a “docking” station. I guess MM gets “confused” as of what monitor is actually attached to the machine.
> I’m sure Benny will eventually chime in with the “correct” preference file to edit / trash to recover functionality…
> On 3 Aug 2021, at 16:11, MM_Arc wrote:
> YES ! multiple monitors on a MacMini.
> Yesterday I physically disconnected one monitor but the issue persisted.
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