[MlMt] How to fix .plist standard files missing?

John Cooper mailmate2 at coopercontent.com
Tue Feb 28 11:02:51 EST 2023

Annamarie Pluhar wrote (at 3:16 AM on Tuesday, February 28, 2023):

> Having moved MM to a new computer, I find I want to use some key 
> bindings and on reading closely the manual discover this: ā€œDo not 
> edit these files. Changes should be placed in separate files as 
> described further below. The file named Standard.plist is always in 
> use, but Gmail.plist is more interesting.ā€
> I have neither standard.plist or gmail.plist in my 
> Resources/KeyBindings folder. How should I fix this?

Hi Annamarie,

If you read just above the part of the Help file that you quoted, it 
gives the full path to these files:


These files actually reside *inside* the MailMate application. Although 
it's not well known except to developers, on a Mac, an application is 
actually a special kind of folder. It's very important not to edit 
anything inside an application because it could break the application.

Keep reading the Help file, and you see:

> It is also possible to create new key bindings files in the following 
> folder location:
> ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources/KeyBindings/

That's where you can put custom key bindings files to override the files 
that are built into the application. The ~ in the path is developer 
shorthand for your account's home folder ([Computer]/Macintosh 
HD/Users/[Your account name]).

Hope this clears up the confusion!

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