[MlMt] MailMate "not responding"

Joseph P. Hillenburg jph at cobaltjacket.com
Mon Feb 13 12:02:09 EST 2023

I still see this with the "Organize be thread" bug. Do you happen to have that enabled?


On 7 Feb 2023, at 13:56, Dan Romanchik wrote:

> In the past week or two, I’ve had problems with MailMate freezing. I’ve had to force quit and restart the program. When I do this, it will operate normally for a time, then hang up again. I’m using version 1.13.2 (5673), running on macOS Venture 13.1.
> Anyone else experiencing this?
> Regards,
> **Dan Romanchik**
> www.linkedin.com/in/danromanchik
> www.danromanchik.com
> 734.930.6564
> @kb6nu, @danromanchik
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