[MlMt] MailMate "not responding"

Dan Romanchik dan at danromanchik.com
Wed Feb 8 14:29:57 EST 2023

Hi, Henry—

Thanks for the info. I did install 1.14(5937) as you suggested and it 
hasn’t frozen yet. Keep your fingers crossed. :)


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On 7 Feb 2023, at 15:47, mailmate-request at lists.freron.com wrote:
> Dan,
> Have you tried using the latest release (the Beta), 1.14(5937)? The 
> latest Test Build subsequent to the Beta is the one I’m currently 
> running, 1.14 v5941. Both are specified for the MacOS you use.
> I’m on a MBP 2021 14” M1Pro using MacOS Ventura 13.2 (22D49)
> Respectfully,
> Henry Seiden
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