[MlMt] MM + Davmail = Duplicates in Trash. Ideas?

Mike Brasch mikebrasch at fastmail.fm
Fri Feb 3 10:33:27 EST 2023

Moin Zvi,

On 18 Jan 2023, at 3:42, Zvi Biener wrote:

> After reading about davmail many times on this list, I decided to try 
> it. Love it. The server version is robust and having MM tags finally 
> show up in Exchange is great.

Yes. DavMail is a great tool. My livesaver. Especially since I can also 
use the function accounts via it and now have to use Outlook or Em 
Client anymore. :)

> But… I noticed that when I delete an email in MM, two copies of it 
> appear in the Exchange Trash folder (both in MM and in Outlook). They 
> have completely identical headers.

I use DavMail (v6.0.1, server mode) to access the company exchange. I do 
not get any doubles in the trash when deleting.

I cannot see any relevant differences to my DavMail configuration. There 
don't seem to be any suitable hidden options with MailMate either. 
Perhaps there are server-side settings regarding the deletion behaviour?

Viele Grüße
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