[MlMt] Is there a way to get the ID of the message that was just sent?

Jolin Warren jolinwarren+mailmate at oakandapple.org
Tue Sep 27 11:19:30 EDT 2022

On 27 Sep 2022, at 13:08, Jolin Warren wrote:
> The trick is somehow writing an mmbundle (command) that can get the ID 
> of a message. It seems  like  something that should be simple, but I 
> have no idea how to write MailMate commands. Maybe  someone else on 
> the list can provide the missing piece?

As a brief follow-up to my previous email, I had a quick look at the 
bundle documentation. Iā€™m still a long way off being able to create a 
MailMate command, but I think what Robert needs could be achieved using 
`formatString = ā€œ${message-id}ā€;` and combining it with the `pbcopy` 
command line tool.


=> Jolin
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