[MlMt] Is there a way to get the ID of the message that was just sent?

Jolin Warren jolinwarren+mailmate at oakandapple.org
Tue Sep 27 08:08:47 EDT 2022

On 27 Sep 2022, at 0:24, Robert Wall wrote:
> Working through some task automation here, and what I really need is 
> the ability to get a message link to my sent message *right after I 
> hit "send"* so that I can shuttle it off to my task manager.

I can provide the start of a solution, but it will require someone who 
knows how to write MailMate commands to get you all the way there.

I have all my sent mail moved into the Inbox of the identity that sent 
the email. For that I have put a `Rule` on the `Sent Mail` virtual 
mailbox. If the condition is `Date is within the last 1 days`, it 
matches all emails as soon as they are sent. I think this would work for 
you as well. The question then is what action to add. Well, there’s a 
`Run Command` action. The trick is somehow writing an mmbundle (command) 
that can get the ID of a message. It seems like something that should be 
simple, but I have no idea how to write MailMate commands. Maybe someone 
else on the list can provide the missing piece?

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=> Jolin
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