[MlMt] Send Mail Sound is Gone

Ron B n44fqcve5s at snkmail.com
Wed Sep 14 16:36:02 EDT 2022

I recently moved my Mac onto MacOS Monterey. Simultaneously, I moved from whatever was the last "normal" release of MailMate to Version 1.14 (5852).

Now when my emails get sent, all I hear is silence.

If I go into the Preferences and go to the Composer tab, I see that "Sent Message Sound" is still set at "Sent". I tried setting it to a different sound. That one didn't play either when an email sent. I then set it back to the standard whoosh "Sent" sound. As expected, it's still quiet.

I'm guessing no one else is having this problem. How do I troubleshoot it?

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