[MlMt] Auto-completion addresses, duplicate removal and sorting

Martin Guddat martin.guddat at gmx.de
Tue Jun 7 16:55:18 EDT 2022

Hi all,

I am using a smart list as Auto-Completion source in the Composer
settings. This works quite ok. I am using Inbox and sent messages with
some filtering (messages with the old domain name of my institution are
removed) as source.

I have the issue, that I get some of the E-Mail addresses multiple
times. In some cases I get the same E-Mail addresses with the same or
slightly different display names.

I have some questions about the auto-completion suggestions:

- How are they sorted. Can I modify the sorting order?
- I would like to be able to remove all duplicates (same display name
and address) from the list.
- I would like to group all entries with the same address but different
display names

It could be possible my approach is not the best or I even have this
completely wrong. Are there any best practices to handle the

Thanks for your help!


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