[MlMt] Search in Text not count when i change the message

Eric Sharakan esharakan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 21:30:21 EDT 2022

Hi, I have seen the same symptom over several months (and multiple test 
release versions).  I believe it first appeared when Benny released the 
so-called "new message view".


On 7 Jun 2022, at 10:43, Michael Nietzold wrote:

> When:
> - I have a list of emails
> - I open one email when I select it in the list it shows a preview in 
> the lower part
> - I can search inside the email
> - I change to the next email in the email list
> What I see:
> - the search keyword is still in the email search field
> - the counter is set to "no match
> - to search again see "workaround"
> What I expect:
> - I would expect that the search is still run again to this other 
> email
> workaround:
> - I need to klick into the search file
> - I need to retype the search keywords to run the search 
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