[MlMt] r5907 and Group Address completion

Henry Seiden info at techworkspro.com
Sun Jul 24 08:04:43 EDT 2022

Hi Edward,

So I take it from your note that you make a group mail from Contacts and 
save it in MailMate (r5907). How is this done. The help menu speaks to 
using Contacts or other app to select the group, then send selected 
contacts to MailMate. Is this (or any alternate selections) then saved 
as your group?


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On 21 Jul 2022, at 11:12, Edward Thome wrote:

> Hello, Everyone.
> Has anyone else noticed this issue on r5907.
> I have a group address for all members of my department, and it used 
> to complete to include all 29 members. Now it only shows a small 
> number. On a computer running OS X 10.15 it shows about 1/3 of them. 
> On a computer running OS X 13 public beta it only shows 1/6 of them.
> Thank you in advance,
> Ed
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