[MlMt] r5907 and Group Address completion

Edward Thome ethome at murraystate.edu
Sun Jul 24 13:50:19 EDT 2022

On 24 Jul 2022, at 7:04, Henry Seiden wrote:

> Hi Edward,
> So I take it from your note that you make a group mail from Contacts 
> and save it in MailMate (r5907). How is this done. The help menu 
> speaks to using Contacts or other app to select the group, then send 
> selected contacts to MailMate. Is this (or any alternate selections) 
> then saved as your group?

A few days ago I first discovered that within Contacts, one could select 
the group, control click on the group name, and select “Send email to 
GroupName” and then a composer window opens in MailMate with the group 
in the Recipient line. However, I only get 5 names of 29 group members 
when I do that with r5907.

However, I have always sent group emails from within MailMate. To send a 
group email to “Department” containing all 29 members of the 
department, [I actually put my address in the ‘to’ field and then] I 
start typing “Department” in the Cc: field and and it completes to 
say ‘Department’. I then hit the Return key, and all 29 contacts 
show up…well they used to. Now I only get 5. In r5898, typing dept 
would cause ‘Department’ to complete and after hitting Return, all 
29 showed up. In r5899, typing dept results in it completing as: 
‘Department (29 contacts)’ and hitting Return shows me just 5 of the 
29 email addresses.

It will probably get sorted out for r5909 or something.
PS: If I put the group in BCC, which might otherwise be better etiquette 
for 29 people, I find that one of the 29 wonders if he was the only one 
to get the email, or wonders who was left out, or…

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