[MlMt] Disabling auto-switching of sender From: address?

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Thu Sep 9 18:08:47 EDT 2021

I learned (trained myself) to first enter TO and then adjust FROM if 
needed. I actually like the fact that MM adjust the FROM based on the 
TO. In my case, it gets it right most of the time and I have a dozen 
FROM addresses, each for a different purpose. It seems that last used 
FROM for a given TO is usually given a preference.

On 9 Sep 2021, at 22:20, Greg Earle wrote:

> Benny,
> MailMate has this troubling habit of sometimes auto-switching the 
> From: address (if you have multiple e-mail accounts) to another 
> account, depending on what the recipient address is.  This can be 
> simply annoying or downright embarrassing, depending on the recipient 
> and the name on the sending account.
> Just today I brought up a new message window, and my work e-mail 
> account was in the From: box drop-down.
> I entered a work account in the To: field, and once I did that, it 
> switched the From: address to my throwaway Gmail account!  If I'm 
> sending from my work account to another work account, why on Earth 
> would it switch the sending account?  If I am viewing my work account 
> and click on "New", I expect it to use my work account as the "From:" 
> address and then not change it after that.
> Is there some setting (or "defaults write" variable) to permanently 
> disable this switching "feature"?  Under "Preferences" -> "Composer" 
> -> "New Message: Default account is" I have it set to "derived from 
> context".  I'm not sure I want that, but the other static choices 
> aren't really better, either.
> Thanks,
> 		- Greg
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