[MlMt] Disabling auto-switching of sender From: address?

Greg Earle earle at isolar.DynDNS.ORG
Thu Sep 9 16:20:00 EDT 2021


MailMate has this troubling habit of sometimes auto-switching the From: 
address (if you have multiple e-mail accounts) to another account, 
depending on what the recipient address is.  This can be simply annoying 
or downright embarrassing, depending on the recipient and the name on 
the sending account.

Just today I brought up a new message window, and my work e-mail account 
was in the From: box drop-down.

I entered a work account in the To: field, and once I did that, it 
switched the From: address to my throwaway Gmail account!  If I'm 
sending from my work account to another work account, why on Earth would 
it switch the sending account?  If I am viewing my work account and 
click on "New", I expect it to use my work account as the "From:" 
address and then not change it after that.

Is there some setting (or "defaults write" variable) to permanently 
disable this switching "feature"?  Under "Preferences" -> "Composer" -> 
"New Message: Default account is" I have it set to "derived from 
context".  I'm not sure I want that, but the other static choices aren't 
really better, either.


		- Greg

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