[MlMt] Name submailboxes after flag color

Nicolas Mitchell mitchelln at posteo.net
Fri Sep 3 05:54:18 EDT 2021

On 2 Sep 2021, at 13:30, Stephan Kleiber via mailmate wrote:
> I have a smart mailbox in MailMate that collects all messages with 
> flags. In addition, I’ve told MailMate to auto-create submailboxes 
> by flag color. This works fine – however, the names of the 
> submailboxes are not colors but apparantly a simple number code. For 
> example, the mailbox with red flags is named "0", the one with blue 
> flags is named "4" and so on.
> Is there a way to name the submailboxes after the actual flag colors? 
> I can manually rename the submailboxes, but this always gets reset 
> after a while. I tried playing around with the Mailbox name format 
> under the Submailboxes tab, but tbh I don't understand how the syntax 
> works.

Hi Stephan,

How have you told MailMate to auto-create submailboxes by flag color? I 
can’t see a built-in option.

I think this must be something to do with how flags are implemented. 
That your submailboxes are being named 0, 1, etc. suggests something 
akin to IMAP keywords is in use - which are stored in digit:value pairs 
- but I’m guessing.


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