[MlMt] Name submailboxes after flag color

Stephan Kleiber skleiber at mac.com
Fri Sep 3 06:02:48 EDT 2021

Hi Nic,

the initial submailbox configuration was actually pretty simple. I just set "Submailbox for each unique value of" to "Flags >> Color".

Now, digging again into MailMate's settings, I've actually found a solution to my problem: In addition to "Flags >> Color", there's now also "Flags >> Colorname" which does exactly what I want. I think the option wasn't there the last time I looked, so maybe it got added in one of the prerelease versions that I only very recently updated to.

Btw, the above solution did raise a tiny follow-up issue: The submailboxes were sorted alphabetically by colorname which was not ideal for me. Though there doesn't seem to be a way to manually reorder submailboxes, I was able to tackle this by changing the Mailbox name format to ${#flags.#color} ${#flags.#colorname}.


On 3 Sep 2021, at 11:43, Nicolas Mitchell wrote:

> Hi Stephan,
>  How have you told MailMate to auto-create submailboxes by flag color? I can’t see a built-in option.
>  I think this must be something to do with how flags are implemented. That your submailboxes are being named 0, 1, etc. suggests that something akin to IMAP keywords is in use - which are stored in digit:value pairs - but I’m guessing.
>  Nic

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