[MlMt] Plain text theme

John Cooper mailmate2 at coopercontent.com
Fri Nov 19 10:04:01 EST 2021

> On 2021-11-18 23:32:19 (+0800), John Cooper wrote:
>> MailMate Preferences' View pane lets you choose between the following themes for plain text emails:
>> - Standard
>> - Simple
>> - Classic
>> - Apple Mail
>> With a plain text email message selected in my Inbox, I've cycled through the first three, restarting MailMate each time. But I don't see a difference in the message.
>> Does anyone know how these work?

Philip Paeps wrote (at 7:35 PM on Thursday, Nov 18, 2021):

> If you look at a message with quoted replies, you'll see subtle differences in how the quoted text is shown.  Different colours for different levels of quoting, a vertical bar down the margin,...
> I think this also affects the styling applied to outgoing HTML emails, if you send those.

Thank you, Philip! that's exactly right--the primary (only?) difference is in how quoted replies are shaded. For reference, here's how it seems to work with plain text email:

Standard: Shades of gray
Simple: Blue for first level, green for older levels
Classic: Shades of blue
Apple Mail: Different color for each level


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