[MlMt] Block tabbing to clickable items in messages

Randall Meadows mailmate at not-pc.com
Thu Nov 18 14:06:07 EST 2021

I'm using the three-pane view: mailbox list on left, message list on top-right, selected message on bottom-right.

When I get an HTML message and focus ends up in the message (like after I click a link), I am now completely stuck in the message view from a keyboard navigation point-of-view, i.e., I cannot tab back to the message or mailbox list--tabbing just keeps cycling between clickable items in the message.

I *NEVER* want this behavior.  Ever.  Tab the focus away is all I do and ever will want to do.

What is the magic voodoo incantation to make MailMate allow my caveman ways?


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