[MlMt] Data usage by MailMate

Carlos Moffat carlos at moffat.cl
Sat Nov 13 12:25:01 EST 2021


I’m currently working in a remote region where internet access is 
limited to 3 GB/day. This seems like plenty for regular web browsing and 
email. To keep things under control, I’ve been using TripMode, which 
allows me to control which apps have access to the internet and also 
provides a report of data usage.

To my surprise, the biggest data hog by far is MailMate. In the last few 
days, I’ve seen it use 500 MB of my data allowance throughout the 
morning, and more than 1 GB the entire work day. I have three accounts, 
but I’m only keeping one (with 70k messages) online, a Gmail account. 
The usage I’m reporting is only with that account online.

I set the sync schedule to “manual” early on thinking this would 
help (it was 30 minutes before), but no dice.

I receive <200  messages a day on that account (and even that is high I 
think). 500 MB seems rather high. The only previous discussion I’ve 
found on this ‘footprint’ issue is here:


Is the above normal, or is something wrong?


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