[MlMt] How can I tell MM to NOT retrieve mail?

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Mon May 31 19:20:24 EDT 2021

Hmm, it should not be too difficult to add checkboxes in the account 
settings, one “disable sending messages when synchronizing” and two 
“disable fetching messages when synchronizing”, to let users control 
these. Of course, someone may still ask for global settings to control 
all accounts at once.

On 31 May 2021, at 23:09, TJ Luoma wrote:

> Benny
> This conversation reminded me - I would absolutely love a 'mode' for
> MailMate that would allow me to _send_ email but _NOT_ receive email.
> For example, today is a U.S. holiday, and so I am trying NOT to check 
> my
> email, but I am _sending_ some emails for things that are happening
> tomorrow, later in the week, etc.
> I used to use MailSmith as a "send only" email client, but it was 
> 32-bit
> only, and I have not found another email app that can do it well.
> ~ Tj
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