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Sun May 23 09:21:00 EDT 2021

On 16 May 2021, at 10:02, Niels Kobschätzki wrote:

>> [header index files]
> Couldn’t you let’s say load on start-up only “essential” ones. Like check which smart folders are there and which databases they use and then load only those database files. And on demand you load other files on request into memory.

MailMate does load header files on demand, but after receiving/writing emails most of the big ones will have been loaded.

> Or maybe load them only when a folder is accessed that uses them.

This would be delaying loading headers related to specific emails or groups of emails. This is not currently possible (or easily added).

> Maybe you could built in some anonymized analytics to see which database files are always loaded and after a month (with later tweaks) you should know which would be relevant because 80% of the users use them all the time, so you load these by default and others only on demand. Or isn’t that possible because you need to load them completely into memory to write to them?

Exactly. Although MailMate does have some support for writing without loading.

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