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Bryce Wray bwray at wraytx.com
Sun May 16 12:39:44 EDT 2021

Now that Benny is back “among us” again :-) I’m repeating this question from a few weeks back in case he has any words on a possible fix at some point:

> Am I crazy, or did MailMate used to keep “smart” typography out of code blocks so that, e.g., single and quotation marks in those code blocks wouldn’t get “curly” as in the following silly example?

for (x=1; x++; x<10) {
  console.log(“x=“ + x)

> I could swear that it did, but it doesn’t now. At least the preview does flag such things in red, so there’s that. Of course, I could just turn off system-wide “smart” typography, but — again, if I’m not remembering wrongly — that wasn’t necessary in the past. TIA to anyone who can set me straight or confirm my recollection, whichever is appropriate.

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Bryce Wray
bwray at wraytx.com

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