[MlMt] Memory usage

Patrik Fältström paf at frobbit.se
Tue May 11 14:09:43 EDT 2021

On 11 May 2021, at 19:49, Tracy Valleau wrote:

> 3 million messages !  Do you really need all of them actively online?

It is VERY convenient to be able to search over all of them :-)

Btw, I do have a virtual folder which is "all messages last six months" and default search folder is that one. So I have by the use of virtual folders hidden most email from daily work.

Very convenient.

> If not, and you are just archiving them, with only the need for infrequent access, you might want to consider something like MailSteward.
> https://mailsteward.com/
> I've been using it for over a decade, and it has never lost an email. That allows me to remove the email from my server, and keep significantly less than 3 million "on hand."
> (For three million messages, you'd want the full mySQL version.)



> T
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>> I have been looking at the memory usage of mailmate throughout the years. I have concluded it "uses lots of memory".
>> I have four imap accounts where specifically one have lots of messages. In total I have 2.988.939 messages, and MailMate eats 4.34GByte of memory about half an hour after starting.
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