[MlMt] Rule operational questions

Antonio Leding tech at leding.net
Thu May 6 13:04:47 EDT 2021

Hell MM crew - a few questions WRT rule operations:

* If there are rules in multiple places that would apply to a given 
message, is there a defined order of operation?
  * For example, let’s say I have rules on a given Inbox and then a 
Smartbox that draws from that same Inbox also has rules, which get 
exec’d first?
  * Or are these possibly exec’d concurrently?
  * I doubt this is concurrent but still need to ask.

* Are rules only executed when a message goes into a given mailbox or 
also when any change is made to its messages?
  * My experience is the former but I have read a few threads where 
folks have said rules are also executed when a change is made to a 
message provided there are rules on the mailbox where the message 

* What happens if one has either the same or different rulesets on 
multiple MM instances running at the same time?
  * Does MM have a facility to determine which instance might be the 
chief and the others miniai (yes, a humorous - albeit poor - attempt at 
the plural of minion)?

Thanks in advance…
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