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Fri May 14 09:16:20 EDT 2021

On 6 May 2021, at 19:04, Antonio Leding wrote:

> Hell MM crew - a few questions WRT rule operations:
> * If there are rules in multiple places that would apply to a given message, is there a defined order of operation?
>  * For example, let’s say I have rules on a given Inbox and then a Smartbox that draws from that same Inbox also has rules, which get exec’d first?
>  * Or are these possibly exec’d concurrently?
>  * I doubt this is concurrent but still need to ask.

There's no guaranteed order of events here. It does not happen concurrently.

> * Are rules only executed when a message goes into a given mailbox or also when any change is made to its messages?

Only when it goes into it. This means that if you need something to happen based on dates then you need to create a smart mailbox with conditions instead of a rule with conditions in order to trigger a time based event. The rule can then be without conditions.

>  * My experience is the former but I have read a few threads where folks have said rules are also executed when a change is made to a message provided there are rules on the mailbox where the message resides.

Changes can trigger rules as long as those changes trigger a message to become part of a mailbox in which it wasn't part of before. That'll trigger the rules of that mailbox.

> * What happens if one has either the same or different rulesets on multiple MM instances running at the same time?

If a rule moves the emails then you can end up with duplicates in the destination mailbox.

>  * Does MM have a facility to determine which instance might be the chief and the others miniai (yes, a humorous - albeit poor - attempt at the plural of minion)?


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