[MlMt] Apply rule to sent messages?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Sat Mar 27 04:46:31 EDT 2021

On 27 Mar 2021, at 3:47, Andrew Buc wrote:

> 20-odd years ago I was running an OS/2 (really!) mail client, PMMail/2, that would let me apply rules to a message when it was sent. For any given friend I’d set up a rule sending messages to or from that friend to that friend’s dedicated folder. That way I could easily see both sides of the correspondence with the friend.

I used the same approach with Mulberry. I didn’t need rules, because there was a setting where you could choose a folder for each outgoing message, with the option to save the message being answered to to the same folder. MailMate favours a use-model where you don’t separate mail into physical folders, but rather use smart folders. So you could have a smart folder for each friend instead, and it wouldn’t matter in which actual folder the messages are. But I’m “old” and prefer my way, also because it’s faster. Here’s what I do:

• All messages are delivered to my INBOX
• I have enabled the hidden preference MmMoveSentRepliesToMailboxOfRepliedMessage
• So when I reply, the answer is copied to the INBOX as well
• I then select both the original message and the reply and move them to the desired folder using Option-Cmd-T

The only issue are messages I send that aren’t replies. I would like the option to choose a folder for those while composing my message, but for now I can live with my solution.
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