[MlMt] Apply rule to sent messages?

Andrew Buc abuc at andrewbuc.com
Fri Mar 26 22:47:13 EDT 2021

Making some headway with MM, and I’m taking Philip Paeps’s 
suggestion of using FastMail's sieve features to file the mail on the 
server when it arrives. Having said that, I think there’s something to 
be said for learning at least a bit about MM rules.

20-odd years ago I was running an OS/2 (really!) mail client, PMMail/2, 
that would let me apply rules to a message when it was sent. For any 
given friend I’d set up a rule sending messages to or from that friend 
to that friend’s dedicated folder. That way I could easily see both 
sides of the correspondence with the friend.

Apple Mail doesn’t have this functionality but every so often I apply 
my rules to my Sent folder, and my outgoing emails to my friends end up 
in the appropriate folders. Incoming email, of course, are already in 
the folders.

To see if I could do this in MM, I made a rule for a particular 
friend—-screen shot attached with my friend’s personal info blacked 

If I highlight an email to my friend in the Sent Items folder and hit 
cmd-opt-L, I get a “thunk” sound and no action. If I RMB on the Sent 
Items folder and choose “Apply rules of Sent Items,” the choices in 
the next menu (selected messages, all messages) are grayed out.

I tried turning the rule off, having my friend send a test message, 
turning the rule on, and invoking it with cmd-opt-L on the copy of the 
message in the inbox. In that context the rule works.

Can what I’d like to do be done, and if so, how? I’m on build 5673. 
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