[MlMt] Utterly baffled by Mailing Lists

Robert Brenstein mailmate at learning-insights.eu
Mon Mar 29 20:34:06 EDT 2021

As simple way to handle mailing lists in MM is to set up a separate 
smart mailbox for each list. In my experience, this takes a bit of 
effort initially but makes it easy to handle peculiarities of various 
lists, and there is no problem to view each list individually as well as 
all together. I have lists that have no list-id, for example, but use 
common prefix for subject. Some send emails from the list address, some 
use posters email as sender. All those smart mailboxes sit inside a 
smart mailbox “mailing lists” that has no other settings than the 
checkbox “include messages in any of the submailboxes” checked. I 
also have a smart mailbox “mailing lists new” that shows me only new 
messages from the “mailing lists”, new as incoming within last 24 
hrs and not read yet.

On 29 Mar 2021, at 15:21, Paul Atlan wrote:

> Thanks for the detailed answer. I guess it makes sense, given the 
> plurality of tools,  and I just need to keep on refining my list of 
> rules.
> Although I may try to see if i can't file them into a newsreader such 
> as NetNewsWire. It may be able to do the filing for me at minimal 
> effort ...
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