[MlMt] send messages from one account and save in Sent folder of another account

David Green dgreenbhm at gmail.com
Mon Mar 8 15:49:34 EST 2021

On 8 Mar 2021, at 13:04, Aram Harrow wrote:

> I am looking for analogue of gmail "send mail as".
> When I use the web gmail client I use the "send mail as" feature to 
> send emails from my work email address, and gmail automatically places 
> them in the gmail Sent mail folder.  When I do this from mailmate, 
> gmail is not used at all so the message does not appear in my gmail 
> Sent folder; instead it goes to my work Sent mail folder.
> Does anyone know how to  set up mailmate to send mail using the 
> mit.edu IMAP server but saving the message in the gmail.com Sent mail 
> folder?
> Thanks, and apologies if this question has been asked before.

Are you looking for the IMAP Account Settings (right-click on the server 
folder in the mailbox tree)?

There you can list multiple email addresses comma separated that you can 
show as your-from address. I think your GMAIL account must have already 
agreed to the ones you use.


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