[MlMt] Is there a shortcut to add a rule based on the currently selected message (similar to Gmail's "Filter messages like these" feature)?

Gale Pao mm at geepaoz.tricepmail.com
Thu Jun 10 00:00:44 EDT 2021

I am aware of the Mailbox > Edit Rules... menu item which meets most of my needs and for which I have a keyboard shortcut configured in System Preferences. (I appreciate how MailMate will in fact prepopulate the currently selected message when adding a condition.)

What would be just that little bit better for my workflow, however, is if I could immediately trigger the creation of a new rule based on the currently selected message. Gmail has this feature under its "More" menu and I use it quite often in my workflow (for the Gmail accounts I manage) to quickly create a new rule for moving messages to a different folder (well, in Gmail's case, adding a label and skipping the inbox).

If this feature exists in MailMate then unfortunately I haven't figured out where it is. I've looked through the menu bar items, and the contextual menu. It was the latter where I thought I might find it but the closest I can find is "Find Messages", except I don't see a way to then take that search and turn it into a rule. (I also tried using modifier keys thinking that perhaps that would turn "Find Messages" into something like "Create Rule" or "Save" into "Create Rule" from the filter view.)

Anyway, I'd appreciate any of your collective wisdom on the matter (including alternative workflows!). (And perhaps I've answered my question by having created my own shortcut, even if it requires a few more keystrokes or clicks than I'd like.)


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