[MlMt] Selecting default SMTP server

Ralph Alvy ralph at ralphalvy.com
Sat Jul 24 23:11:15 EDT 2021

I have a Tuffmail account and new Fastmail account. I found that mail is 
automatically sent via the Tuffmail smtp and I had no choice. I can't 
seem to tell Mailmate what account I'm sending from. I will soon delete 
the Tuffmail account.

On 24 Jul 2021, at 19:47, Bill Cole wrote:

> On 2021-07-24 at 21:15:55 UTC-0400 (Sat, 24 Jul 2021 18:15:55 -0700)
> Ralph Alvy <mailmate at lists.freron.com>
> is rumored to have said:
>> If I have more than one Source Acct, how do I tell Mailmate with SMTP 
>> server to use for outgoing mail?
> Each account has its own exclusive SMTP Server settings. This is good 
> because on the modern Internet, it is not feasible to send mail 
> claiming to be from a particular address through any arbitrarily 
> chosen mail server. It might work, but more likely your mail would be 
> rejected or worse: dropped silently.
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