[MlMt] Switching to Fastmail: some questions

Ethan Schoonover es at ethanschoonover.com
Thu Jul 22 14:11:34 EDT 2021

I am a Fastmail (and obviously MailMate) user. Excellent service.

## Labels

Until just now I’ve never used the labels feature on Fastmail. I tested it based on your question. Notes:

1. Labels on Fastmail are activated via Fastmail settings. The choice is between using Folders OR Lables (it’s a radio button toggle).

2. The choice is reversible (you may switch back and forth between labels and folders non destructively)

3. Switching between Labels and Tags in Fastmail is instantaneous. The UI and behavior changes (or reverts) instantly.

4. In the web UI for Fastmail, tags act just as Gmail tags do (in terms of user experience, not backend implementation). Messages may have multiple tags.

5. **These Fastmail tags show up as FOLDERS in MailMate**

6. I don’t see any way to utilize these as tags in MailMate (i.e. I see no way to assign a message to multiple folders when they are acting as tags in Fastmail)

7. While Fastmail is operating in “tag mode” - If you delete a tagged message in MailMate from one of the “tag folders”, the tag is removed from that message in the FastMail web UI

8. When you revert Fastmail to “folder mode” messages tagged with multiple tags are seen and act as unique messages.


## Contacts

In terms of contacts, I maintain most of my contacts in iCloud, but I have tested the contacts with Fastmail as well. It’s arbitrary as far as MailMate is concerned.

One note about Fastmail contacts: you can create a shared contact book if you have multiple Fastmail users on your account. I do this and maintain a contact book that is “read only” for my kids so that I can keep certain contacts updated for them.

We all then subscribe to this contact book in the macOS Contacts app.

Happy to answer more questions based on my experience with Fastmail.


On 22 Jul 2021, at 10:13, Ralph Alvy wrote:

> Well, Tuffmail is sadly ending operations on January 1, so I'm seriously considering moving to Fastmail. That said, I have a couple questions.
> 1. I see that Fastmail supports its own version of Labels. Is there something in Mailmate that will recognize those Labels? Perhaps Mailmate Tags?
> 2. I see that Fastmail has its own Contacts module, but that doesn't support synchronization with Google Contacts. Will I need to import my Google Contacts into Fastmail Contacts for Mailmate to see my Contacts when composing a message? Or does Fastmail use my Mac Addressbook for this?_______________________________________________
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