[MlMt] Switching to Fastmail: some questions

Ralph Alvy ralph at ralphalvy.com
Thu Jul 22 15:33:13 EDT 2021

Fastmail had Labels **AND** Tags? Or are are you using the word 'Tags' 
when you really mean 'Labels'?

On 22 Jul 2021, at 11:11, Ethan Schoonover wrote:

> I am a Fastmail (and obviously MailMate) user. Excellent service.
> ## Labels
> Until just now I’ve never used the labels feature on Fastmail. I 
> tested it based on your question. Notes:
> 1. Labels on Fastmail are activated via Fastmail settings. The choice 
> is between using Folders OR Lables (it’s a radio button toggle).
> 2. The choice is reversible (you may switch back and forth between 
> labels and folders non destructively)
> 3. Switching between Labels and Tags in Fastmail is instantaneous. The 
> UI and behavior changes (or reverts) instantly.
> 4. In the web UI for Fastmail, tags act just as Gmail tags do (in 
> terms of user experience, not backend implementation). Messages may 
> have multiple tags.
> 5. **These Fastmail tags show up as FOLDERS in MailMate**
> 6. I don’t see any way to utilize these as tags in MailMate (i.e. I 
> see no way to assign a message to multiple folders when they are 
> acting as tags in Fastmail)
> 7. While Fastmail is operating in “tag mode” - If you delete a 
> tagged message in MailMate from one of the “tag folders”, the tag 
> is removed from that message in the FastMail web UI
> 8. When you revert Fastmail to “folder mode” messages tagged with 
> multiple tags are seen and act as unique messages.
> ## Contacts
> In terms of contacts, I maintain most of my contacts in iCloud, but I 
> have tested the contacts with Fastmail as well. It’s arbitrary as 
> far as MailMate is concerned.
> One note about Fastmail contacts: you can create a shared contact book 
> if you have multiple Fastmail users on your account. I do this and 
> maintain a contact book that is “read only” for my kids so that I 
> can keep certain contacts updated for them.
> We all then subscribe to this contact book in the macOS Contacts app.
> Happy to answer more questions based on my experience with Fastmail.
> Cheers,
> Ethan
> On 22 Jul 2021, at 10:13, Ralph Alvy wrote:
>> Well, Tuffmail is sadly ending operations on January 1, so I'm 
>> seriously considering moving to Fastmail. That said, I have a couple 
>> questions.
>> 1. I see that Fastmail supports its own version of Labels. Is there 
>> something in Mailmate that will recognize those Labels? Perhaps 
>> Mailmate Tags?
>> 2. I see that Fastmail has its own Contacts module, but that doesn't 
>> support synchronization with Google Contacts. Will I need to import 
>> my Google Contacts into Fastmail Contacts for Mailmate to see my 
>> Contacts when composing a message? Or does Fastmail use my Mac 
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