[MlMt] Skull 💀 emoji in the From header

Topher Buck mailmate at trbk.xyz
Sun Jan 31 17:20:59 EST 2021

IMHO, that would not be a desirable change. That emoji (is it the 
[cyclone emoji](https://emojipedia.org/cyclone/)?) looks so much like 
the at sign (@) that I’m not sure most users would perceive the 
difference. I think the whole point is to make the difference 
very—possibly even comically—obvious.

Apologies if I’m being obtuse here. I suppose that if the emoji were 
displayed as an image (e.g., 🌀) rather than a text character, it 
might work. But this seems to me like a case of “if it ain’t broke, 
don’t fix it”.

Guillaume’s suggestion to make this feature customizable is nice, but 
I’d prefer that Benny spend his time on more important enhancements.


On 31 Jan 2021, at 8:46, Glenn Parker wrote:

> On 30 Jan 2021, at 20:32, mlmt at rhp.tw wrote:
>> Thank you everyone for the answers. Now that I know the reason, I 
>> think it is a great feature.
> FYI if you change your mind about this feature, you can disable it 
> with the following command from a Terminal:
>      defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmNospoofSymbolDisabled -bool 
> I found it distracting to always have a screen full of skulls because 
> of the way my mailing lists presents senders’ addresses. Not every 
> day is Halloween! 👻 Some other more subtle symbol (say the ꩜ 
> emoji) would work better.
> Glenn P. Parker
> glenn.parker at comcast.net

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