[MlMt] Local email archiving status/options?

Glenn Parker glenn.parker at comcast.net
Mon Jan 25 10:00:08 EST 2021

On 25 Jan 2021, at 3:30, Fredrik Jonsson wrote:

>> 4) Just want to confirm: does MM get its address book from MacOS?
> Yes.

I would clarify that MM pulls address from the Mac’s Contacts 
database, but also from the headers of existing mail messages in a 
(smart) folder that you specify under the “Composer” tab in the 
Preferences window (See: Auto-Completion Sources).

This can sometimes be a little confusing, especially if your source 
folder is “polluted” with some incorrect or outdated email 
addresses. You can improve MM’s address completion behavior by 
flagging such addresses in a black list.

Glenn P. Parker
glenn.parker at comcast.net
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