[MlMt] Local email archiving status/options?

freron at aetm.us freron at aetm.us
Mon Jan 25 10:02:29 EST 2021

On 25 Jan 2021, at 3:30, Fredrik Jonsson 'frjo at xdeb.org' wrote:

>> 2) I might end up with duplicates. Or does MM automatically no import
>> duplicates? Any recommendations on de-duplication?
> You have the "Edit -> Select Duplicates" command but I have never made
> use of it.

Great tip. I’d seen that that’s built-in to MM. It also allows quick 
visual review.

>> 5) Is there a way to open a message in a
>> separate window?
> Select a message and go to "File -> Open Message".
> As other has mention hitting "return" also work.

Thank you! @Thomas Grundberg: Thanks to you too: “Return” works! 
However, a double-click does not open the message for me. It does (very 
helpfully) search on sender or subject if I double click either of 

> I have mapped it to "O" in my custom keybindings.
> Custom keybindings and smart folders are the killer feature of 
> MailMate
> in my opinion.

I’m so excited to set these up. Most urgently I need to “Go To” 
each of the individual Sources’ Inbox, Archive, and Sent Items. I have 
totally different contexts for my mail and don’t use the combined 
views at all.

On 25 Jan 2021, at 2:53, Thomas Grundberg 'thomas at grundberg.se' wrote:
> With the message/s selected, hit return. A double-click also does it.

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