[MlMt] Local email archiving status/options?

Fredrik Jonsson frjo at xdeb.org
Mon Jan 25 03:30:19 EST 2021

Christian Bailey via mailmate 2021-01-25 3:31 wrote:

> 1) Which is better for importing via MM - eml or mbox? Like Bill, I 
> also just purchased Emailchemy to covert the pst files. It offers both 
> mbox and eml as options. I presume mbox is better if I want to import 
> everything?

MailMate does support both. The box format only creates a file per 
folder so for a complete export/import it most likely the better choice.

> 2) I might end up with duplicates. Or does MM automatically no import 
> duplicates? Any recommendations on de-duplication?

You have the "Edit -> Select Duplicates" command but I have never made 
use of it.

> 3) When I connected my Office 365 account, there were hundred of error 
> messages as MM tried to download the Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and 
> Tasks folders. I presume these should be unsubscribed?

Yes, MailMate only does IMAP.

> 4) Just want to confirm: does MM get its address book from MacOS?


> 5) Is there a way to open a message in a
> separate window?

Select a message and go to "File -> Open Message".

As other has mention hitting "return" also work.

I have mapped it to "O" in my custom keybindings.

Custom keybindings and smart folders are the killer feature of MailMate 
in my opinion.


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