[MlMt] Rules not firing - even when manually executed

Robert Wall rswall at rswall.com
Tue Feb 16 08:43:33 EST 2021

Running Mailmate Version 1.14 (5757), Big Sur 11.1.

I'm just getting into rules, and created three for my inbox. For 
example, one for cron notifications from a script on my server:

If All of the following are true
	If From + Name is "Cron Daemon"
	If Subject is "Cron Subject"
Move to mailbox "Notifications Archive"

Subject is always the same, From + Name is always the same.

I created the rule in Mailmate with the message highlighted, so Mailmate 
filled in the text for the two conditions of the rule from the email. 
Highlighting that exact message and Mailbox -> Apply Rules Of Inbox -> 
All Messages doesn't do anything. If I do the "selected messages" 
instead of "all messages", nothing there either.

Is something goofy? Am I doing something wrong?

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