[MlMt] Rules not firing - even when manually executed

Mark Allman mallman at icir.org
Tue Feb 16 08:53:02 EST 2021

> I created the rule in Mailmate with the message highlighted, so
> Mailmate filled in the text for the two conditions of the rule
> from the email. Highlighting that exact message and Mailbox ->
> Apply Rules Of Inbox -> All Messages doesn't do anything. If I do
> the "selected messages" instead of "all messages", nothing there
> either.

Long ago I had that issue.  This doesn't work for me ...

1. edit rules
2. run rules manually

... just as you have noticed.

However, if I change it to ...

1. edit rules for mailbox 'foo'
2. switch to some other mailbox (doesn't matter which one)
3. switch back to mailbox 'foo'
4. run rules manually

... then the rules work as expected.

Seems like the rules are somehow enacted when you switch to a
mailbox and not upon editing them.  I have always intended to file a
bug report, but ... I am a lousy user, I guess.


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